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Holographic flame at Shoureya Smarak, Bhopal.

3D Holography in Airports and Malls:

360 2

Trikona has 90 degree, 270 degree and 360 degree large devices specially designed for large and huge places like Airports, Malls, Theaters, Stadiums. Some of these devices are available in our office for demonstration purpose. Send us a mail for an appointment or for any specific information and we will respond asap.

3D Holographic units work equally well in conference, exhibition, concert, retail installation, product launches, fashion shows, trade shows, launch events or permanent installations, theatre, educational hall, out-door advertising, Kona-3D units can adapt to a multiple of format project and situation, once the video is created, the required size unit is set on the customized pedestal the system is installed and you are ready to start.



Live and life-size 3D holograms can now interact with their inaccessible audiences whether they are CEO holding an interactive meeting with colleagues around the world, a politician delivering a keynote speech, a band performing on stage, show? special effects, multinational company presenting new products, university lectures and so on, it is a new way of communicating. All of this is possible only with Trikona Holography technology. But its uses go far beyond the boardroom or the political stage. Entertainment, education, design and engineering collaboration, product launches and more. If you want to use 3D motion video images, they appear impeccably beside you, not on a separate monitor. You can communicate in real time – no time lapses – with both on-stage colleagues and audiences.

Trade show can see a truck appearing in a stand. In a presentation, the product can appear, and exploit its mechanisms in details so to present in 3D the function of the product. It can be set on theatre, conference stage, can be install out door, in retail windows, point of purchase etc.. For further information contact us........

Our 3D Holography customers

Trikona has executed may challenging assignments in 3D Holography for the below mentioned customers: (including supply of Hardware on lease/sale, training, content creation and exhibition/event support)
Maruti Suzuki India
Bharat Friz Warner
Directorate of Naval Design
Ministry of Electronics & Com.
Auto India Exhibition
Navy Day Exhibition
International Fleet Review 2016
Make In India 2016
Defexpo 2016
Shaurya smarak, Bhopal, MP.
Aero India 2017
Grey Hounds-Telangana

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has a grater role to play in Education. AR was primarily used for promoting hi-end expensive gadgets and Automobiles. Trikona is planning to deploy it in education.It has already developed application, which can be used for teaching alphabets to kinder-garden childern.  


Research & Development

Research and Development team of Trikona is contently working on new technologies involved in Image processing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Holography.Right now working on integrating gesture based technology to Holography and Augmented Reality.

Latest News


Trikona supplied KONA-360A to GTRE for Aero India 2017. It was installe in GTRE office, Bangalore.

Easy to start

rikona has developed all the related AR algorithms required for AR applications 


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