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Holographic flame at Shoureya Smarak, Bhopal.

In-shop Advertising & Retail

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FACTS: 3D advertising increases sales, increases retention, attracts consumers and increases consumer foot traffic. There has been a revolution in 3D imaging. Increasingly visual communications are using various 3D imaging display techniques.

Benefits of Holographic Advertising: With the advance of on-line purchasing for many products, increasingly consumers visiting shopping malls and the high street are expecting their shopping experience to be entertaining and interactive. 

This is where Trikona’s Kona Holography units can be used to great effect. Holograms have a huge impact on consumers – the WOW! factor.

Proven benefits: A recent independent survey about 3D Advertising Effectiveness revealed the following:

  • 91% “Reported reading more than half of the article the ad was attached to”(compared to 30-40% for conventional print ads)
  • 72% “Retained a distinct association between the ad and the company that placed the ad, and its services”
  • 58% “Recalled seeing 3D displays compared to 7% recalling 2D”
  • 69% “Of readers were favourably disposed towards the ad”(compared to 14% exposed to the same ad in flat print)
  • 34% “Stores with 3D displays had a 34% increase in consumer traffic”
  • 12% “Sales increased up to 12% when 3D was used in the mall in conjunction with stores located in the mall”

Retail and advertising applications: For Agencies, Commercial Artists and Consumers, Trikona’s Kona offer the highest fidelity & quality 3D images, therefore they a most memorable. Depending on the technique used in Kona units it look like the subject is really there or it can used creatively to show several aspects of a subject in one Animation.

Depending on the technique used in Kona units it look like the subject is really there or it can used creatively to show several aspects of a subject in one Animation.

Trikona 3D Holography open up new avenues of creativity for Advertising agencies and their clients.

In-store poster and displays

Point of Purchase displays
Promotional installations
Cinema foyers
Games promotion
Trade stands
Airport lounges

You've seen it in the movies and hi-end exhibitions. Products and objects that are floating in thin air seem to reach out and you feel like grab them. However, the practical applications of these cutting-edge technologies at a simple retail store level have been viewed as being in the distant future. Well, we’re here to tell you that the technology of the future has arrived. It’s here now, totally functional, and it’s available to retailers, courtesy of Trikona’s Kona-90, Kona-270 and Kona-360.

Today, more than 70% of all purchase decisions are made in the store. Point-of-purchase advertising is highly effective because it reaches shoppers when they are most attentive and receptive to your message. Plus, it fosters a personal connection with shoppers, enhancing their in-store experience by providing them with relevant product information while building a stronger brand identity for you as a retailer.

In Store Promotions

It really works!

3D holographic screens positioned strategically throughout stores influence consumers’ shopping decisions. According to a Nielsen Media research study, 68 percent of those surveyed stated that in-store messaging would affect their purchasing choices. And according to PQ Media, the leading provider of alternative media econometrics data, in-store TV ads generated nearly $100 million in 2005 revenue, a 45% increase from the year before.

Trikona’s 3D holographic displays represent a quantum leap in effective retail advertising, combining virtual and physical product sight, sound, powerfully engage consumers at the most opportune moments.

Through Trikona’s state-of-the-art, interactive 3D holographic displays, retailers can profitably engage shoppers and enhance their in-store experience through targeted and effective messaging that creates demand. For more information contact us.......

Our 3D Holography customers

Trikona has executed may challenging assignments in 3D Holography for the below mentioned customers: (including supply of Hardware on lease/sale, training, content creation and exhibition/event support)
Maruti Suzuki India
Bharat Friz Warner
Directorate of Naval Design
Ministry of Electronics & Com.
Auto India Exhibition
Navy Day Exhibition
International Fleet Review 2016
Make In India 2016
Defexpo 2016
Shaurya smarak, Bhopal, MP.
Aero India 2017
Grey Hounds-Telangana

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has a grater role to play in Education. AR was primarily used for promoting hi-end expensive gadgets and Automobiles. Trikona is planning to deploy it in education.It has already developed application, which can be used for teaching alphabets to kinder-garden childern.  


Research & Development

Research and Development team of Trikona is contently working on new technologies involved in Image processing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Holography.Right now working on integrating gesture based technology to Holography and Augmented Reality.

Latest News


Trikona supplied KONA-360A to GTRE for Aero India 2017. It was installe in GTRE office, Bangalore.

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rikona has developed all the related AR algorithms required for AR applications 


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